"The marking corresponds to the personalization of an object by a logo, a text, or any representative image of a company on an advertising support."

For a performance that meets your expectations, our team helps you to pick the customization technique the most demand-driven. However, what better than become expert yourself?


Become unbeatable about personalization techniques by discovering the ones used by our workshops, their advantages and drawbacks, as well as necessary information for their maintain!


Modern and trendy technology
for a high definition and very resistant result

This technique allows your logo to be printed from an HD digital file, with unparalleled accuracy directly on the textile. The droplets of the four primary colours - cyan, magenta, yellow and black - are projected into the substrate and dried with UV light, preserving the full elasticity of the textile. Their mixture offers an infinite number of colours and/or gradients. To print on dark coloured textiles, a liquid is first applied to prepare the substrate since white ink is different from other coloured inks and requires a special printing technique.


Note that digital printing is particularly suitable for limited productions.


Ideal for: printing graphic media (photos, images, complex logos), multicolored patterns, and color gradients


Support: any type of cotton fabric (tee-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt, canvas bag...)

- Possibility to reproduce qualitatively an image, a photo

- Unlimited colors, allows colorful markings with complex patterns

- Soft touch, pleasant to wear

- Premium quality, fine finish giving a marking aspect integrated into the textile

- Highly resistant to washing


- Not all shades are perfectly feasible (orange shades)

- The textile must contain at least 50% cotton

- Not the most suitable marking technique for large series


- Machine wash at a maximum temperature of 40°C

- Ironing to be avoided or strong restriction

- Drying at moderate temperature (60°C maximum)




A good deal

Digital transfer consists of a faithful printing of the logo on adhesive plastic. Once the design is cut by numerical control, it is transferred by heat pressure to the textile of your choice. The result on light fabric has an aspect of thin film, and an aspect of heat-sealed sheet on dark support.


Ideal for: the printing of graphic media (photos, images, complex logos), of multicoloured paterns, and of colour gradients


Support: all types of textile (technical clothing - work clothes as well as sports clothes -, tee-shirt, polo, sweatshirt, fleece, softshell, shirt, windproof jacket, jacket, pants, cap, bag...)



- Possibility to qualitatively reproduce an image, a photo

- Very good resistance to washing  

- Affordable costs of impressions on small and average quantities


- 1 mm white border mandatory around the image. 

- Not suitable for some nylon support


- Very good resistance to washing (40 °C max)

- Ironing to be avoided, or severe restriction on it 

- Industrial whashing to be avoided 


Direct printing by excellence 


Screen printings consists of a direct printing of the model on the garment. Ink is deposited in several stages - each color has its own film - on a stencil pressed by squeegees to allow the ink to penetrate directly onto the textile. Finally, a drying time is necessary to cure the ink. For a light marking on a dark txtile, a white layer is applied beforehand or a flashy layer, then the desired color is applied. Every shade of color is possible, including a metallic or reflective ink, as ink is created manually in our workshops.

Ideal for: personalized work clothing 

Support: any simple textile (tee-shirt, polo, sweatshirt, vest, tote bag, jacket, parka, umbrella...)

- Very good rendering and respect for colors

- Suitable for large quantities 

- Very good resistance to washing 

- Decreasing cost compared to the number of colors of the logo. Interesting on medium and large series.


- 25 pieces minimum

- Does not allow the printing of too fine details. 

- Gradients are not possible 


- Washing in machine at a maximum temperature of 40 °C

- Ironing to be avoided

- Drying at moderate temperature (60 °C maximum)



A state-of-the-art solution for high-quality results

The so-called "serigraphic" transfer - or "polyetherm"- is an alternative to screen printing that allows a perfect rendering of forms, unlike screen printing. It consists of the printing of a screen printing ink on a translucent support. This one is then hot-transferred to the textile using a professional press. The glue is adapted depending on the material of the garment. 

Ideal for: Simple logos and marking of several colors 

Support: any type of textile ( technical colthing - for work as well as for sport-, tee-shirt, polo, sweatshirt, luggage, cap...)


- Fireproof, retroreflective transfers

- Excellent rendering and respect for colours

- Smooth finish marking

- Very good resistance to washing


- Does not allow color gradients (complex logos to be avoided)


- Machine wash at a maximum temperature of 90°C

- Ironing to be avoided or strong restriction

- Drying in machine to be excluded 


The footballer's flocking 

The "Flex " method - or "flocking"- is a color transfer to fabric. A machine cuts or prints a logo in a colored vinyl roll. Then, the logo is precisely positionned on the textile. Finally, using a professional thermal press. 

Two types of flex are available: 

- The monochrom flex allows to realize, thanks to the cutting plotter, a monochrome logo without to much details. 

- The impressed flex allows to impress a logo in several colors. 

Ideal for: sport jerseys

Support: all types of fabric (tee-shirt, polo, sport jersey, jacket, cap, luggage...)


- From only one piece (no quantity constraint)

- Allows personalization by name

- Exceptional resistance 

- Inelastic

- limited colors, neither gradient, nor too small details

- For the impressed flex, the outline of the logo should be easily cut

- Machine wash at a maximum temperature of 40 °C

- Ironing to be avoided or with strict restriction

- Do not tumble dry in a machine



Quality customization

The logo is first digitized and adapted to the embroiderer's computer program. Then, the polyester yarns corresponding to your colors are fixed (up to 12 yarns). The machine does the rest of the work. Embroidery programs are created in our workshops, which allows flexibility and reactivity.

Note that the cost of embroidery depends on the size of the logo - not the number of colors - because as the logo expands, the number of stitches increases.

Ideal for: a qualitative and slightly raised rendering of your personalized clothes.

Support: any type of quality textile with a recommended minimum weight of 180g/m² (technical clothing - work and sports clothing -, t-shirt, polo, sweatshirt, fleece, softshell, shirt, jacket, trousers, cap, hat, sponge, bag...).

- Quality rendering, perfect finish

- Unique touch

- Innovative solution with a wide range of gol, silver, fluorescent and phosphorescent colours

- Very good resistance to washing  

- Affordable costs of impressions on small and average quantities

- Some fineness can't be reproduced (logo accuracy level must be at least 5 mm) - neither too many details, nor too fine letterings

- Does not allow color gradients

- Machine wash at a maximum temperature of 90 °C

- Ironing with a hot iron (150 °C)- polyester, wool

- Drying at moderate temperature


A brilliant visual and a resistant printing

Sublimation is a special printing process. Using a sublimation printer, the pattern is printed with special ink on coated paper and then pressed at high temperature on the textile, which must contain at least 60% polyester or be coated with an industrial polyester varnish. Under heat, the ink vaporizes in the heart of the fiber.

Please note that the size of the marking and the support used influence the cost of this technique.


Ideal for: polyester


Support: white or clear fabric containing a majority of polyester.

- From one piece

- Very good rendering

- Any graphic and gradient support possible, bright colors

- Excellent resistance to washing, indestructible and indelible

- Maintains the breathability of the garment


- On white or light-coloured polyester only


- Machine wash at a maximum temperature of 40°C

- Ironing to be avoided or strong restriction

- Drying in machine to be excluded



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